With proper care, your luxury leather bag will last a lifetime.

See our straight forward guide on how to care for your leather products.

10 tips for leather care

Find out how to care for your leather bags and handbags. Follow our tips on how to treat, protect and clean your leather bags. With proper care and cleaning your luxury leather bags should last a lifetime.

Tip one

If your leather bag gets wet, dry it immediately.

Tip Two

Always handle your leather bags with clean hands.

Tip three

Use a quality cleaner that is specifically made for leather.

Tip four

Condition your leather if it gets too dry.

Tip Five

Give your bag a quick clean a few times a week.

Tip six

Test out your leather cleaner.

Tip seven

If you get a stain on your leather bag, clean it ASAP.

Tip eight

Protect your bag from the sun.

Tip nine

Store your leather bag properly.

Tip ten

Avoid improper cleaning products.

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